YAQIN :: MS-850 Set of Tube Mono Block Amplifiers
Price: 3971.76 EUR ( 3229.07 EUR Net Price)
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YAQIN MS-850 Class A Tube Amp HiFi Rectifier push-pull Amplifier

Set of two Tube monoblock amplifiers.

Yaqin MS-850

  • Good separation, left and right channel split structure
  • Volume is accurately displayed using LED digital screen
  • Remote control, switch freely
  • Each channel uses 2 300B tubes, 3rd stage, Class A push-pull output, 5Z3P bile rectifier
  • Signal selection channel knob (CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4)
  • Max Output power: 24W +24W (8, THD=5%)
  • Power consumption 142W
  • SNR: 94DB (A-weighted)
  • THE sensitivit: <=300mV
  • Total harmonic distortion: <=1.0% (1KHz, 8, rated output 16W)
  • Frequency: 10Hz-64KHz (-2dB)
  • Tube: 300B*2 Russia 6n8p*2 Russia 6n9p*1 5Z3P*1
  • Weight: 18Kg