Yaqin :: MS-6P14 HiFi Integrated Tube amplifier, Class AB, Push-pull circuit,
Price: 844.53 EUR ( 686.61 EUR Net Price)
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Yaqin MS-6P14#


Yaqin MS-6P14 is the new version of the valued MC-84L device. The amplifier has an original design with two swing-out indicators on the front panel of the enclosure, and the enclosure is constructed of elegant silver aluminum.

The amplifier uses tubes EL84, 12AX7 and 12AU7. MS-6P14 has a bluetooth module.

The amplifier reproduces a very even sound. It captures the scene very well with lots of details. The lack of any hum or noise is an advantage of the high quality of the transformer used. The transformer is wound using silicone sheet (0.35 mm thick) imported from Japan and anaerobic multilayer copper enamel wire.


① Power switch button
② Volume knob
③ Input selection button
④ Remote control receiver window (remote control)
⑤ We recommend using earphones (HEADPHONES) 32 Ω
⑥ Volume control
⑦ Selection indicator (AUX1, AUX2, AUX3, BT)
⑧ Bluetooth indicator