Yaqin :: MS-650B HiFi single-end Integrated Amplifier, 845 vacuum tube Class A, 2 x 15W, Remote Control
Price: 2322.44 EUR ( 1888.16 EUR Net Price)
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Yaqin MS-650B #


Yaqin MS-650B Single-Ended Power Amp, output power 2x15W.

Yaqin MS-650B

  • Single-ended power amp 2x15W (8ohm)
  • Triode mode in pure class A
  • One king triode 845 per channel
  • Preamp build on 2 dual triodes 12AU7 and 1 dual triode 12AT7 per channel
  • 4 RCA inputs
  • 2 outputs separate for 4 and 8 Ohm
  • Frequency response - 15Hz-30kHz
  • Manually bias adjustment
  • High DC voltage delay circuit to protect tubes
  • Remote control - volume adjustment and input selector

The amplifier reproduces very balanced sound, with no discoloration. Very well it captures the scene with lots of detail. The lack of any hum or noise is an advantage of high quality transformers used. Perfectly handles driving the speakers of the efficiencies of 86-87dB. It is dedicated especially for the compact construction speakers without a bass-reflex tunnel. Best cooperate with the high impedance speakers.

Yaqin MS-650B