Yaqin :: MS-20L HiFi Integrated Tube, Class AB, Push-pull circuit, Triode Mode, Ultra Linear Mode, 2x 50W, Headphone Output, Remote Control
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yaqin MS-20L

Yaqin MS-20L Tube Integrated Amplifier#

Yaqin MS-20L is a 2x50W HiFi Tube Amplifier. It can work in triode mode or ultra-linear pentode mode.

The amplifier reproduces very balanced sound without any coloration. STALLOY transformers ensure high quality signal without hum or noise.

It supports wide range of frequency bands. Headphone output available. Remote allows input selection and gain control.

Main features:

  • The latest version of EL34 output amplifier from Yaqin;
  • Infrared remote control for volume adjustment and input selections;
  • TR/UL (Triode and Ultra Linear modes) switches on the front panel;
  • Earphone jack on the front panel;
  • External bias adjustment;
  • High DC voltage delay circuit to protect tubes;
  • Class A push-pull power amplifier to reduce distortion;
  • Output transformers manufactured with Japanese silicon steel sheet and high-quality enamelled wire, which offer a wide dynamic range at full rated output;
  • Utilizes the audiophile capacitors and high quality metal precision resistors dedicated for audio frequency;
  • Applies special potentiometer as volume controller with low noise, and durable;
  • Beautiful heavy duty chassis. Aluminum chassis top, front panel, and bezels, stainless steel chassis, and steel bottom;

Technical specification

Input Power 110V-240V
Output Power 50W per channel (8Ω)
Valve/Tube EL34B×4, 6J1×8
Frequency 5Hz-75KHz
Signal/Noise Ratio >88dB (A weight)
Earphone Output 32Ω
Ohms 4-8 ohms
Input connectors Four groups of gold plated Isolated RCA connectors (AUX1-AUX4)
Distortion Harmonic ≤1.6% (at 1KHz)
Output Connectors Two channels with two groups of gold plated jacks
Input Sensitivity 0.23V(1KHz)
Power Consumption 180W