Yaqin :: MC-84L HiFi Integrated Tube, Class A, Push-pull circuit, 2x12W, Output Tube: EL84 / 6P14 x 4, Driver Tube: 12ax7 x 2
Price: 583.72 EUR ( 474.57 EUR Net Price)
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Yaqin MC-84L

The MC-84L is an integrated tube amplifier equipped with a high-performance ultra-linear push-pull system, providing rich acoustics.

The SRPP preamplifier circuit extends the frequency response and reduces distortion.

Perfect to start the adventure with tube sound.

Yaqin MC-84L
YAQIN MC-84L 6P14 x4 Class A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier

Important features:

  • Frequency response: 6 khz hz-60
  • Output power 2x 12 Watts
  • Tubes: el84/6p14
  • S/N ≥78dB
  • THD 5% for 6 watts
  • Sensitivity: 300mv
  • Power consumption up to 90w
  • Weight 14 kg