Yaqin :: MC-5881A HiFi Integrated Tube 5881A x4, Class AB, Headhpone AMP, 2x 25W
Price: 670.66 EUR ( 545.25 EUR Net Price)
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Yaqin MC-5881A #

Yaqin MC-5881 is a power amplifier based on 5881A tubes in a push-pull system with 2x32W power.

Yaqin MC-5881A


  • ultra-linear mode with 32W per channel at 8 Ohm output impedance.
  • Power amplifier based on 2 legendary 5881 power stream tetrodes per channel
  • Preamplifier based on 2 low power 6N1 duotriodes per channel
  • Tube 6E2 - "magic eye" on the channel
  • 4 pairs of RCA inputs
  • 2 separate power outputs for 4 and 8 Ohm impedances
  • Frequency range of the frequency response - 6Hz-65kHz

Dual mono amplifier with 32W per channel. It captures the scene very well with a large number of detailed details. No connection of hums or noise to the advantage of high quality transformers used. Include capes with driving speakers with a capacity of 86-87dB.


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Yaqin MC-5881A is a tube amplifier working in a push-pull system based on 5881 power lamps and 4 6N1 control tubes. In addition, it has two 6E2 "magic eyes". The set consists of an integrated power amplifier and a preamplifier in one housing with its own power supply.


The amplifier uses separate power transformers, a choke. High-capacity capacitors were used in network ripple filtering systems. On the front panel of the amplifier there is an input selector, potentiometer knob and headphone output. The rear panel has four RCA line inputs. The rear panel also has power outputs for loudspeakers with an impedance of 4ohm and 8ohm


The amplifier is equipped with a protective cage for tubes. A power cable, tool for removing protective cage, a bias adjustment screwdriver and a set of fuses are added to the amplifier. Everything is placed in a solid housing.

The amplifier sounds very dynamically, with beautiful deep bass and very good extension on the other edge of the band. Sound is on very wide and deep stage. Resolution can be seen quickly, mainly in the mid and high range. Nothing blends together, no details are lost under the sheer volume of other sounds. The midrange is strong with very good separation of voices, detailed and clean. The nature of the treble is delicate with high detail. Bass can play low and soft, come on it's not spectacular. . The amplifier's microdynamics are at a fairly high level. All minor bumps, blows, jerks can be heard throughout the band.