Yaqin :: MC-100C HiFi Integrated Tube, Class AB, Push-pull circuit, Triode Mode, Ultra Linear Mode, 2x 60W, BT
Price: 1363.65 EUR ( 1108.66 EUR Net Price)
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Yaqin MC-100C

Yaqin MC-100C is a push-pull amplifier based on KT88 power lamps generating power 2x 55W (8Ω, UL mode) or 2x 28W (8Ω, TL mode). The amplifier is equipped with a protective cage for lamps and a remote controller. The use of high-quality components is a guarantee of exemplary reliability.

Yaqin MS-100C

Important features:

  • Bias control is accessible on top of the amplifier panel
  • Specially designed audio transformers with a wide frequency response
  • Metal and removable tube guard cage
  • UL/TL
  • Infrared Remote control
  • Output power 2x 55W/2x 28W
  • Load impedance: 4Ω-8Ω
  • Tubes:
    4x KT88
    4x 6N8P/6SN7
    2x 12AX7