Psvane HiFi series KT88, tetroda dużej mocy pośrednio żarzona, 1 pc (1tube).
Price: 95.63 EUR ( 77.75 EUR Net Price)
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Vacuum Tube Psvane HiFi KT88 1 pair#

Psvane HiFi KT88
  • Factory matched pair - 2 tubes.
  • Typ: KT88 - beam power tethrode
  • Manufacturer: Psvane Audio Lab. CHANGSHA HENGYANG ELECTRON CO, LTD
  • Series: Psvane HiFi


KT88 is a beam power tetreode, its anode limited dissipation power is 42W. In the audio amplifier, the power can be 100W when it is used as push-pull class AB1 with double tubes, it can also be used in electronic voltage regulator circuit. KT88 is similar with CV5220 and 6550,they can be replaced by each other.

Psvane HiFi KT88

Psvane HiFi KT88

Psvane HiFi KT88


HiFi KT88
HiFi KT88

HiHi KT88
HiHi KT88


Uf: 6.3 V
If: 1.6 A

Maximum Rating Ua : 800 V Ug2 : 600 V Ug1 : -200 V Pa : 42 W Pg2 : 8 W Ua+g2: 46 W Ik : 230 mA Uh-k : 200 V Tbulb: 250 C

Direct Interelectrode Capacitances triode connection and tetrode connection input: 16 9.3 PF output: 12 17PF grid to plate: 1.2 7.9 PF

Static parameter tetrode connection: Ua: 250 V Ug2: 250 V Ia: 140 mA Ig2(approx): 3 mA -Ug1(approx): 15 V Gm: 12 mA/V ri: 12 KΩ Ug1-g2: 8

Static parameter triode connection: Ua.g2: 250 V Ia+g2: 143 mA -Ug1(approx): 15 V Gm: 12 mA/V ri…………………670Ω μ………………… 8