Psvane 845 ACME, trioda dużej mocy bezpośrednio żarzona, 1 pair (2x1tube)
Price: 1323.97 EUR ( 1076.40 EUR Net Price)
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Psvane Acme 845 electronic lamp#

Psvane HiFi Acme 845
  • Factory selectable.
  • Type: total power triode shines
  • Manufacturer: Psvane Audio Lab. CHANGSHA HENGYANG ELECTRON CO, LTD
  • Series: Psvane HiFi


Acme HiFi series developed for lovers of sound close to the best series lamp designs, but at a more affordable price. For every lamp enthusiast sound. Lamps with high fidelity of preparation and a wide frequency range, also offers a clean and delicate sound. Calculated value for money.


Psvane HiFi Acme 845

Psvane HiFi Acme 845

Psvane HiFi Acme 845

Electronic high-class vacuum lamp dedicated to audiophile amplifiers. Most often used at advanced levels. When playing spatially, open with smoothness of sound. Popular components for lamp production are imported from Europe and North America. The lamp bulb is made of transparent colorless glass and is equipped with a white plinth ceramics with gold-plated legs that ensure perfect contact with the stand set since the lamp was used. To access the manufacturer selection and pairing options. The whole is very well secured during transport. Heating time suggested by the manufacturer: 50-70 hours. Possibility of ordering in a double pair, quarter, sextet configuration

tabbedSection Tab-Static Parameters

Ua 1250 V. Ug 200 V. Ia 80 mA Gm 3 mA / V r and 1.7 KΩ 5 RL 3.4 KΩ Ug (pk) 69 V. Pout 100kΩ


Ua 1000 V
1000 V
1250 V.
Ug 45 V
155 V
209 V.
Ia 90mA
Gm 3 mA / V
Ug (pk)
110 V
148 V.
ri 1.7 KΩ
1.9 KΩ
2.1 KΩ Pout 24 W
21 W
24 W.