Psvane Acme 300B, trioda mocy bezpośrednio żarzona, 1 pair (2x1tube)
Price: 1291.52 EUR ( 1050.02 EUR Net Price)
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Lampa elektronowa Psvane Acme 300B#

Psvane HiFi Acme 300B
  • Possibility of factory selection.
  • Type: directly heated triode
  • Manufacturer: Psvane Audio Lab. CHANGSHA HENGYANG ELECTRON CO, LTD
  • Series: Psvane HiFi


The Acme HiFi series was created for lovers of sound close to the best series lamp designs but at a more affordable price. For every tube enthusiast sound. Lamps with great reproduction fidelity and a wide frequency range, while providing a clean and delicate sound. Justified value for money.


Psvane HiFi Acme 300B

Psvane HiFi Acme 300B

Psvane HiFi Acme 300B

High-end vacuum tube lamp dedicated to audiophile amplifiers. Most often used in final stage systems. Playing spatially, open with smoothness of sound. Most of the raw materials for lamp production are imported from Europe and North America. The lamp bulb is made of transparent colorless glass and is equipped with a white pedestal ceramic with gold-plated legs that ensure perfect contact with the stand regardless of how long the lamp has been used. On request it is possible for the manufacturer to make a selection and pairing. The whole is very well secured during transport. Manufacturer's suggested warming up time: 50-70 hours. Possibility to order double pair, quadrant and sextet configurations

Psvane HiFi Acme 300B
Psvane HiFi Acme 300B

Uf(DC) 5V
If(DC) 1.2A
Ua max 480V
Pa 40W
Ik With cathode bias 100mA
With fixed bias 70mA
Direct Interelectrode Capacitances Input 9PF
Output 4.3 PF
Grid to plate 15PF


Ua 300V
Ug 60V
Ia 60mA
Gm 5.5mA/V
Ri 0.7KΩ
u 3.85
Pout 6.6W