Genalex 12AT7/ECC81/B739 gold pins Gold Lion, 1 pc (1tube).
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Vacuum Tube Genalex - Gold Lion B739 / ECC81 / 12AT7 #

  • Factory matching possible.
  • Type: double triode small size
  • Manufacturer: Genalex - Gold Lion


The Genalex Gold Lion ECC81/B739 is an audiophile rated, high performance dual triode vacuum tube. With it's extended length 16mm plates (most other 12AT7 tubes are only 10mm), the Genalex Gold Lion ECC81/B739 provides stronger signal power and fuller tone. The two industrial thickness mica spacers providing solid structural stability and the corrosion resistant gold plated pins ensure maximum signal transfer. When the quality of your sound is important, the Genalex Gold Lion ECC81/B739 is the recommended audiophile upgrade for any position calling for a 12AT7 or ECC81.