Kabel zasilający AC 250V 10A na bazie kabla Melodika MDC3250 Purple Rain 3x2,5mm2 dedykowany do sprzętu AV
Price: 142.48 EUR ( 115.84 EUR Net Price)
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Power cord AC 250V 10A hi-fi class, Melodika cable Purple Rain series cross-section 3x2,5mm for AV equipment, length 150cm#

High quality power cord, wires made of OFC copper, sheilded with a 80% density braid. It protects against interference in HI-END audio systems. Cord made of Melodika MDC3250 cable Purple Rain series and most advanced plugs IEC Plug C-037 and schuko Plug P-037e. The wires made of high purity copper, each wire cross-section 2,5 mm2 gives the highest conductance of the cable.


  • Wires 3x2,5mm2 - 50 x 0,24mm
  • Copper braid 80% OFC
  • Conductors mutually twisted, shielded
  • Dielectric: 3 layers of insulation. The top layer of wires Melodika is made of specially formulated PVC with increased resistance.
  • Wires resistance: (DC w 20°C): 4,37 Ohm/100m or lower
  • Insulation resistance: >=1 G Ohm/km
  • Voltage test 1kV

  • IEC Plug C-037, schuko plug P-037e
  • Conductor: Copper OFC-R rodium coated
  • Housing material: polycarbonate, glass fiber, nylon
  • C-037 Voltage Rating: 10A /250V - 15A /125V
  • P-037e Voltage Rating: 16A /250V
  • Size: total length 48mm x diameter 38mm

Cables are made by professional team.
If you need other cable length, please contact us


There are high quality audio plugs with screws connection to the cable.
Cable is made for audio systems for powering with the most pure energy without any interference.

Dane techniczne:

  • Rated operating range 110-250 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Continuous current: 10A przy 250VAC
  • Conductor: high purity copper OFC 99.99% (4N class)
  • shield made of pure copper
  • Cross-section: 3x2.5mm - 50 x 0.24mm for MDC3250
  • Cable length 1,5m
  • Weight 0.4kg