Wolfson Microelectronics
WM8741 WM8741.pdf
WM8805 WM8805.pdf
DIR9001 dir9001.pdf
PCM1704 PCM1704U-K.pdf
TE8802 TE8802L-PB-V22.pdf
TE7022 TE7022SL_PB-v21.pdf
Tenor TE8802
Firmware for Windows v 1.0
Firmware for Windows v 1.1 TE8802_V1.1.27.2a.rar
Firmware for Windows v 1.2 AudiogdTE8802forwinv1.2.rar
Firmware for Mac
Linux patch tennor_8802-linux.patch

USB32 VIA Vinyl Audio VT1731
Firmware DSD Sabre 9018 for Windows (update September 2014) - ASIO VIA/DirectSound
The package includes the appropriate firmware for this release The firmware in the development version
- for older versions of the firmware update is required, toolUSB32firmware enclosed in the package
Firmware for Windows v 2.00 - ASIO VIA/DirectSound
For use with firmware nr 7,8,9,10 and newer
Firmware stable, recommended - for the older version needs to be updated tool USB32firmware
Firmware for Windows v 1.22 - ASIO/DirectSound
Designed for equipment produced
to 31.10.20012 (firmware nr 1 i 2) and from 01.01.2013 (firmware no. 4)
Firmware fora Windows v 1.1 - DirectSound
only for firmware 3
Tool for update Firmware.
The usage is recommended for users with older versions of the firmware (no.1,2,3,4)
The package includes Firmware no. 1, 3, 4, 7,9,10,2014v2 i 5, 11 only for DI-V3
In case of problems with stability in some conjugations computer, we recommend installation firmware no.10 and driver 2.0