All customers, who have bought products from our company have a right to full warranty.
All appliances manufactured by Audio-gd, except "components and DIY systems" is warranty of 3 years.
Appliances manufactured by Yaqin, is warranty of 2 years.
Warranty procedure, under which the customer provides us with the defective equipment on their own. Warranty claims can be carried out both by our company 4HiFi or directly through a distributor - Inter Projekt S.A.
In addition to the owners of three-year warranty Audio-gd are entitled to 10 years "warranty repair" provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer guarantees the repair of equipment within 10 years from the date of purchase. Repair (service) is free of charge, Customer shall bear only the cost of necessary components and shipment costs of equipment to the manufacturer and back. Also in this case Inter Projekt (importer and distributor) on customer request can ship equipment what will allow to reduce the cost of transport (lower prices of courier services, hardware is attached to a larger shipment).

Equipment we sell is supplied with our warranty labels protecting it from unauthorized modifications and clearly defining its origin. Note: any damage(total or partial) on labels causes loss of the guarantee of the purchased equipment. Warranty and its duration is determined in the Warranty Card sent along with the goods.

Warranty is a subject exclusively to defect any damage to the goods arising in the course of its normal operation. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage of goods caused during transport and damage done by the customer as resulting from failure to comply with elementary rules of operation. In particular, the warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of the powering system or damage resulting from the use of equipment during lightning storms (electrostatic discharge) without the use of effective security. Warranty labels and seals are the primary means of identifying the product as sold by the Seller.
Therefore, the right to guarantee and warranty is not entitled in the case of interruption or breach of security seals and stickers by the Client. This is also applies when the condition of the appliance indicates that it was opened, modified or repaired without the knowledge and consent of the Seller.

In case of no possibility of repair or replacement, we reserve the right to offer equivalent product not of lower functionality.


Complaints, exchanges and goods returns#

Customer is required prior contact with us in order to authorize shipment before any merchandise purchased from us is sent.
Important Note: The packages not ordered and deliveries without our authorization will not be accepted by us.

RMA procedure begins after contact with the customer. The customer sends back damaged equipment to our company. The repaired or replaced equipment is sent to the customer at the expense of our company. In case when the complaint was not justified and the equipment is fully functional, shipping the equipment to the customer takes place at the expense of the customer. In this case, the customer may be charged the cost of inspection of the goods by the seller.
The goods should be packaged in a way that prevents damage during transport (our company is not liable for such damage). Please attach all the required documents, in particular, warranty card and proof of purchase (originals or copies). Proof of purchase is VAT invoice, receipt or any other document clearly and conclusively proving that the equipment was originally purchased in our company. The equipment should be sent in a complete set. Otherwise the completion of your requests (complaints, return) may be withheld or delayed.
Note: Shipments not ordered and deliveries, without our authorization are not accepted by us.

Complaints damage during transport#

After receiving the package always check the contents in the presence of a courier. In case of damage to the package, device, etc. requires from damage report from the courier. Without it we will not be able to consider your complaint. If received shipment contains any traces of manipulation or damage (cuts, traces of repackaging) - please contact us immediately (phone, email) - we will engage directly in the complaint process.