4HiFi is a Polish company offering audio products for the discerning music lovers. We are a distributor of such audio equipment that is able to meet the most sophisticated needs of every lover of high-quality sound. Aiming to satisfy our customers, we try to make them surrounded by professional care and reliable advices. In order to maintain high standards of service we demand the same from companies whose products we represent. We are aware that by offering even the best brands the final result of effort always depends on the people. With that in mind, we are convinced that only combining the best of technology, knowledge and personal commitment can make us achieve the pursued objectives which is to offer the customer equipment, capable of moving them to the another dimension of extremely sophisticated sound experience.

Thanks to the experience, passion and the need to constantly seek timeless sound experience in our offer were products of the following brands:

Audio-Gd - all the products offered by the manufacturer have been designed and developed under the watchful eye of the leader of the company Mr. He Qinghua the “First Prize Winner” of the National Semiconductor (USA) Audio Design Contest. With strong research and development capability in audio technology, Audio-GD offers a complete series of Hi-Fi equipments - preamplifiers, power amplifiers, headphone amplifiers and converters, digital - analog DAC. Equipment Audio-gd uses their own technology ACSS (Audio-GD Current Signal System), which transmits all audio signals via “Current” domain which offers the least colored, most detailed and neutral sound. In addition, there are also master advanced audio technologies like power regeneration technology and full balanced audio technology (the term does not refer to voltage - as is the case in conventional designs). Audio-gd technology is on a par with the internationally famous audio equipment manufacturers. It has been growing steadily over the years and is renowned amongst local and foreign customers. Company insist on the build quality with no compromise. To ensure the best quality, every technician of their company is not only well experienced but also a Hi-Fi lover.

Principles of Audio-gd:

All products are hand-crafted by a well experienced technician. Quality is being the first priority without sacrificing efficiency.

All products undergo more than 100 hours of burn-in, listening and thorough testing.

All components are carefully paired to obtain the finest sound.

Yaqin - this company needs no introduction. Brand with an established position in the world of audio - which is not ashamed of its origin, making it their own advantage. Yaqin brand offers a wide range of equipment, combining a balanced ratio of price and quality. Yaqin devices often manage to surprise and overcome many of the representatives of the more reputable manufacturers. The offer is dominated by tube amplifiers based on different types of vacuum tubes among which are: EL34, KT88, 300B or top tubes 845 series. This combination can deliver a robust sound portion available to a wider group of music lovers who want to listen to music on an advanced vacuum tube hardware.

To meet the expectations of our clients we propose complete solutions - Along with tube amplifiers we offer vacuum tubes. There are two brands known and appreciated - Psvane and Shuguang. We guarantee that everyone will find something interesting from the budgetary vacuum tubes, to the special replica of the legendary structures.

Last but not least we offer a wide range of audio cable collection. For production components of the most reputable manufacturers such as Neutrik, Klotz, Cordial and Melodika are used. We are aware that our efforts would be meaningless, if not the systematic training and the desire to raise the level of qualification of our employees. We are confident that the knowledge, experience and passion available to our specialists make that every cable forwarded to your hands able to meet the requirements of the highest quality and craftsmanship.