Audio-gd ::R2R 2 Fully Dedicated Discrete  R-2R resistor ladders DAC, Built in FPGA processor, reject the jitter, DSD, DXD support from USB / HDMI, Amanero Combo 384 USB interface
Price: 821.07 EUR ( 667.54 EUR Net Price)
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DAC R2R-2 #

Audio-Gd R2R21

Fully Dedicated Discrete R-2R resistor ladders DAC OS/NOS modes selection on front plate Built in 2 groups DA-8 R-2R modules Built in FPGA processor , reject the jitter DSD , DXD support from USB / HDMI 32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer Amanero Combo 384 Built in OCC , and Hi-End parts

The discrete R-2R design had the better detail and transparency than the classis R-2R chips. We are consider in this middle/ low range price, users may like the sound more smooth and analog , so we increase the even harmonic and odd harmonic, spend a lot time to adjust and test the harmonic and frequency band , listen the sound quality and flavor for finally confirm the parameter. A lot people may know the even harmonic , just like the tube design, proper even harmonic especial 2x harmonic made the sound tube like and smoot. But a lot people even some designers don't know the proper odd harmonic especial 3x harmonic can make the sound lively. If you like to looking for the good specs, R2R 2 may not as good as the same price range ESS9028 Sigma Delta design, but its sound is analog and smooth.

1.R-2R will not convert the clock signal into the output signal.
2. R-2R is not sensitive to jitter in contrast to Delta-Sigma D/A with much more sensitive to jitter.
3. The output signal is much more precise compared to Delta-Sigma D/A

Audio-Gd R2R-2

The R-2R DAC is very popular nowadays and available from DIY kits up to completely high-end products. In the low range DIY market, the R-2R design is often based on old technology designed a long time ago by MSB and only includes basic R2R ladder design and do not include the wonderful correction design of the original MSB technology. This design uses data shift registers logic chips in series mode to convert the data to an analog signal. The structural R2R technology issues cannot be avoided, and performance is solely depending on the accuracy of the ladder resistors.

Audio-Gd R2R-2