Audio-gd ::R-27 DAC+Headamp+Preamp all in one, can work as decent DAC,decent headamp or decent preamp Built in R-8 DAC Built in Master 9 Pure class A headamp & Preamp
Price: 2533.58 EUR ( 2059.82 EUR Net Price)
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DAC R-27#

R-27 - DAC+Headamp and Preamp all in one, can work as decent DAC,decent headamp or decent preamp Built in R-8 DAC Built in Master 9 Pure class A headamp & Preamp
Built in real balanced pure class A headamp & preamp Pure class A power 9000mW@40ohm Dual gain modes can drive high/low sensitivity headphones Built In 4 Group DA-7 V2 Modules Built In FPGA Processor to Reject Jitter USB / HDMI support DSD native and DXD

Audio-Gd R281

Audio-Gd R28

Importunacy of the FPGA : FPGA stands for Programmable Array Logic. Nowadays the FPGA is applied in a lot of high end DACs; like the popular ROCKNA WAVEDREAM DAC. The internal hardware design is fully controlled by complex software. A huge advantage is the fact that the software in the FPGA can easily be upgraded offering new features or improve the performance. Such design is much more flexible and future proof!

FPGA tasks The FPGA is responsible for: 1. High performance SPDIF interface, replacing traditional less good performing SPDIF interface chips like DIR9001, WM8805 or AK411X,etc. 2. Full re-clocking process with FIFO design applicable on all inputs. This way the output data keeps fully synchronized with the clock signal to reject any jitter. 3. Built in 2X, 4X and 8X oversampling and digital filters and on top of this 4 different true NOS (only analog 6dB filtering) modes. To completely configure it to your liking!

Built in an excellent real balance discrete amp The signal last stage is the analog output stages, which have paramount effect the final DAC sound quality. After d/a conversion by the R2R D/A modules the analogue signal is transported by fully discrete matched-transistor output stages. The high speed special ACSS output stages are non-feedback and current driven design. They are Special because almost all other designs need to convert the signal multiple times from and to current or voltage, resulting in less detail and less defined soundstage . The output stages have built in 4 pair 15W transistors to offer strong drive capanility .The diamond differential design can avoid switch distortion , it is working in a class A but don't draw large current while idle . The balance drive mode can kill the noise and distortion and improves the soundstage presentation ,background and the transparency ,ect.

Full discrete class A Headamps and Preamps that is same design with the Master 9: The signal last stage is the analog output stags , they greatly effect the whole DAC sound quality. The native advantage of the ACSS design, the DA output signal only through 1 stage gain stage ,it is non feedback design and working in current signal mode, keep the sound coloration least and sound most like real. The output buffers are the pure class A design , built with 8 pcs 150W (in total 1200W ) , to drive the most headphones without difficulty . In our design output stages working in pure class A , and without any negative feedback for the most pure and life like sound reproduction .

Heavy power supplies design: The DAC has the high quality low noise, low flux leakage, R-cores transformers to supply all digital parts as well as left and right analog boards. There are 3 unit R-cores for power supply digital parts and Left/ Right parts separately , in total the R-cores power is 135W. There are in total 14 groups ultra-high speed and ultra-low noise PSUs built in and applied in a double stage PSUs technology for stable power delivery. That design allowes get very clean power supply for the digital parts of DAC. There are 4 groups of pure class A PSUs built in for the analog amps .


S/N Ratio >120DB  

THD+N @ 1KHz   <0.02% (Full Scale )

THD+N @ 20Hz-20KHz   <0.04% (Full Scale )

Gain   L mode : +12DB

H mode : +22DB  

Volume characteristic  

Channels imbalance   < 0.05DB Frequency Breadth (Whole unit) 20Hz - 20KHz (< - 0.25DB)   Output Level Preamp Variable output : 10V RMS (balance)

DAC Fixed output : 5 V (XLR) /2.5V ( RCA)   Headphone amp Output Power (Balanced , Pure Class A ,each channel ) 40 ohm: 9000MW 100 ohm: 3800MW 300 ohm: 1250MW

Headphone amp Output Power (Single-ended , Pure Class A, each channel )   40 ohm: 2500MW

100 ohm: 1050MW

300 ohm: 350MW Input Sensitivity 0.5 Vp-p(75 Ohms, Coaxial)

19 dBm (Optical)  

Input impedance   XLR : 94K ohm

RCA : 47K ohm   Support Operate Systems (USB) Windows, OSX, Linux, ISO   Support Sampling USB & IIS : 44.1kHz - 384kHz /32Bit DSD64-512

Coaxial mode: 44.1kHz - 192kHz

Optical mode: 44.1kHz - 96kHz   Power Requirement 1 Version 100-120V AC 50/60 Hz

2 Version 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz   Power Consumption 55W   Package Weight Approximately 15KG  

Dimensions   W430 X L430 X H85 (MM, Fully aluminium ) Accessories AC power cord X1 USB cable X1 Mini remote X1 (Standard edition)