Audio-gd :: NFB-1DAC ( 2016 ) (DSD/DXD ) (The best NFB-1 model we ever had) Dedicated Discrete Fully Balanced DAC DSD, DXD support from USB and I2S 32bit/384K Sabre ES9018 32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer Amanero Combo384
Price: 789.55 EUR ( 641.91 EUR Net Price)
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DAC NFB-1DAC ver. 2016 (Sabre ES9018 DSD/DXD)#


The NFB-1DAC applies the newest ESS high-end Sabre32 DA chip ES9018 which can support up to 32Bit/384KHz input.
ES9018 in voltage output model, there is -12DB THD+N worst, to be achieve the best performance of ES9018, must work in current output model. In some other ES9018 built in DAC design, ES9018 output signal have to through 3 step OPAs implement analogy signal process.
The NFB-1DAC has different design, applies Non-feedback ACSS design. The ES9018 feed to the ACSS circuit by balanced model without any OPAs.
The ACSS circuit naturally works in current model and has design difference current input, it can transfer the ES9018 current signal to output and implement the I/V conversion in current model in one ACSS amp. And this ACSS amp only have one current gain stage, the ES9018 output signal only through one stage can arrive the output stages.
The shortest signal journey can reproduce the best detail and dynamic, and almost without sound coloration, It can show the real performance of the ES9018.
So ACSS design is the best combo with ES9018 achieve the best performance.


  • Multi-ply shield boards to isolation the power input socket, transformer, power supplies, digital part and the analog part.
  • Fully Balanced Discrete design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA and coupling caps in the signal channels.
  • Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage.
  • LED display avoids RF disturbance for better sound quality.
  • Large R-core transformers and Hi-fi grade parts like DALE resistors, WIMA caps.
  • Total of 5 groups class A parallel mode PSU power supply for all digital and analog circuits. There is another one linear PSU power supply for the control parts.
  • 4 digital inputs: USB / Optical / Coaxial RCA / I2S
  • Support DSD and DXD through USB and I2S.
  • DAC output: XLR / RCA / ACSS
  • User can change the digital parameter settings.
  • Static storage mode control software for avoid disturb sound quality, the MCU output once control data and save in the perform parts, then stop output data until users next operation.

Multi-ply Class A power supplies are the key of sound:
NFB-1DAC applies the excellent DA chip ES9018 and excellent analog output stages, but these are not the only keys of the best sound. The power supply is most important. Even applying the best DA chip and the best amp, if matched to a average power supply, the total sound may still be average or sound musical but can't be neutral and detailed. That is why it is easy to find hi-end grade gears maybe without the best chips, but with plenteous dedicated DC supply circuits.
The NFB-1DAC uses A total of 5 groups class A PSU power supply for all digital and analog circuits.
To achieve high S/N, the control circuit is powered with separate regulator.

Audio-Gd NFB-1DAC
Audio-Gd NFB-1DAC