Audio-gd :: PSU-L High Speed & Low Noise 3 Pins Discrete PSU
Price: 12.73 EUR ( 10.35 EUR Net Price)
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PSU-L - The neutral sound reproduce PSU High Speed & Low Noise 3 Pins Discrete PSU#

  • 3 pins design, easy replace the 3 pins PSU-IC and normal PSU.
  • Output Current 0- 500mA.
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 85°C
  • Installation :L38 x W40 x H45 (mm, without feet)
  • Quality Components: Custom order NOVER (England brand), EVOX capacitor, DALE Resistor.
  • Extra thick gold plated PCB
  • Applied: For CDP, DAC, Preamp and power amp gain stages modify.

The advantage of the Discrete linear PSU:#

The normal PSU chips have complicated for the best specs on paper, but for human ears, maybe not as good as the specs. Note:
  • The heat sinks have to be connected to GND, so take care while install in the gear.
  • The adjustment resistor can adjust the output voltage, if you have not enough experiences, don't adjust it, we have adjust to standard output before shipment.
  • Connect by wrong will shatter the PSU or the gear.
  • While the PSU working will have some heat.
  • There is better connect the input and GND, check the output voltage if correct as you expect then connect to the circuit.
  • Most circuits have voltage compatibility, so maybe the PSU output voltage have little windage but don't need adjust unless users have enough experiences.
  • Take care the input voltage if make it working over load. If you can't sure the output current, at first hour working attention the heatsink temperature.

TE8802 Upgrade Kit
TE8802 Upgrade Kit
TE8802 Upgrade Kit
TE8802 Upgrade Kit


Model Output voltage Input voltage (<100mA output) Input voltage (100-200mA output) Input voltage (>200mA output)
PSU-L3V3 +3.3V +6 to +18V +6 to +13V +6 to +10V
PSU-L5V +5V +8 to +20V +8 to +15V +8 to +12V
PSU-L9V +9V +12 to +24V +12 to +20V +12 to +16V
PSU-L12V +12V +15 to +27V +15 to +22V +15 to +20V
PSU-L15V +15V +18 to +30V +18 to +25V +18 to +22V
PSU-L18V +18V +21 to +33V +21 to +28V +21 to +25V
PSU-L24V +24V +27 to +40V +27 to +35V +27 to +32V
PSU-L33V +33V +36 to +48V +36 to +45V +36 to +40V
PSU-L45V +45V +48 to +60V +48 to +55V +48 to +52V
PSU-LN3V3 -3.3V -6 to -18V -6 to -13V -6 to -10V
PSU-LN5V -5V -8 to -20V -8 to -15V -8 to -12V
PSU-LN9V -9V -12 to -24V -12 to -20V -12 to -16V
PSU-LN12V -12V -15 to -27V -15 to -22V -15 to -20V
PSU-LN15V -15V -18 to -30V -18 to -25V -18 to -22V
PSU-LN18V -18V -21 to -23V -21 to -28V -21 to -25V
PSU-LN24V -24V -27 to -40V -27 to -35V -27 to -32V
PSU-LN33V -33V -36 to -48V -36 to -45V -36 to -40V
PSU-LN45V -45V -48 to -60V -48 to -55V -48 to -52V