Audio-gd :: PSU-A Class A 3 Pins Discrete PSU
Price: 17.99 EUR ( 14.63 EUR Net Price)
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PSU-A - Class A 3 Pins Discrete PSU High Speed & Low Noise#

  • 3 pins design, easy replace the 3 pins PSU-IC and normal PSU.
  • Output Current 70mA or 140mA (Users select, default setting at 70mA).
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 85°C
  • Installation :L38 x W40 x H30 (mm, without feet)
  • Quality Components: Custom order NOVER (England brand), WIMA capacitor, DALE Resistor.
  • Extra thick gold plated PCB
  • Applied: For CDP, DAC, Preamp and power amp gain stages modify. ( Can't working for laser and motors drive circuits in CDP)

The Class A design always is the best design in audio field. #

The class A PSU has some limits, the heat is a little hotter than the normal PSU, the output current has limit, the Line Regulation and Load Regulation not as good as the normal PSU, because it is non-feedback design, but these all are not the points, it have the most neutral sound reproduce keep most DIYers like to applied it in their gears.

The Class A PSU has very high input impedance and low output impedance can avoid power disturbs. It works at class A state, has the fastest output current response. Note:

  • The heat sinks have to be connected to GND, so take care while install in the gear.
  • The adjustment resistor can adjust the output voltage, if you have not enough experiences, don't adjust it, we have adjust to standard output before shipment.
  • Connect by wrong will shatter the PSU or the gear.
  • While the PSU working will have some heat .
  • There is better connect the input and GND, check the output voltage if correct as you expect then connect to the circuit.
  • Even 70MA already suit the circuit require, but users still can setting to 140 MA see which one sound better for personal taste.
  • Take care the input voltage if make it working over load.

TE8802 Upgrade Kit
TE8802 Upgrade Kit

TE8802 Upgrade Kit
TE8802 Upgrade Kit

What's different between PSU-A and PSU-L?#

1. The PSU-A is a class A design PSU, it suit the small current request circuits, like DA chip, OPAs, DAC output stages , preamp gain stage. The PSU-L is the linear design, it can output large current less limit. 2. In sound, the PSU-A have more neutral, more extend , blacker background.

Note: This is a class A PSU, it's current output has limit at 70/140 mA. If you want large power supply, please choose PSU-L#


Specs (Model) Output voltage (VDC) Input voltage (VDC)  
PSU-A3V3 +3.3V +5 to +12V
PSU-A5V +5V +7 to +15V  
PSU-A9V +9V +11 to +20V  
PSU-A12V +12V +14 to +22V  
PSU-A15V +15V +17 to +25V  
PSU-A18V +18V +20 to +28V  
PSU-A24V +24V +26 to +35V  
PSU-AN3V3 -3.3V -5 to -12V  
PSU-AN5V -5V -7 to -15V  
PSU-AN9V -9V -11 to -20V  
PSU-AN12V -12V -14 to -22V  
PSU-AN15V -15V -17 to -25V  
PSU-AN18V -18V -20 to -30V  
PSU-AN24V -24V -26 to -35V         
Custom order 3.3V to 50V (+/-) <250 mA <60V DC input.