Audio-gd :: HE-1 Regenerative power supply Real Balanced ACSS Pure Class A Preamp Vacuum Edition ( Single-Ended)
Price: 3179.39 EUR ( 2584.87 EUR Net Price)
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Audio GD#

The unique Audio-GD audio products are fully equipped with analog devices, amplifiers operating in the current domain. Analog Audio-GD company developed independently, acting on the principle of strengthening the current mirror. A unit amplifier operating in the current domain ACSS, built of discreet elements, equipped with discrete elements, in such a way that it is detailed and extremely low distortion. The ACSS solution has allowed to minimize the problems of electronic influence on color. The integrated amplifier OPA is not used in the amplifier path. In these constructions used by this enterprise, the amplification is in three degrees, which means that they are distorted and affect the color (diagram below). The priority in Audio-GD constructions is the smallest part of the analogue part of the device to the sound reproduced by means of the D / A converter. Electronic components for the construction of devices are available mostly from the best available, as well as specially made to order. All internal connections are operated using pure OCC copper cables. The manual production process of components and their repeated tests at various stages of production is not insignificant. The finished device is heated and then retested before shipment to the customer.

Vacuum HE1 SE (Single-ended)#

The HE1 SE preamplifier has a built-in regeneration power supply, 8 vacuum valves in a vacuum. The applied vacuum rectifier was designed without silicon elements on the power circuits of the signal and the lamp, and all the power caps are built with SOLEN sockets. All vacuum valves are powered by AC. The device has remote control functions. In addition, the manufacturer recommends replacing light bulbs (A and B in the picture below) in order to diversify musical experience.

audio GD Vacuum HE1-XLR Balanced